Hello Everyone! Welcome to KoTR!

 Mission Statement: We beleve KoTR(KeepersOfTheRuins) is one of the best Linkshells out there simply for the fact that we all act as a family, listen & respect one another, while having the upmost experienced players! Being that we are a smaller Linkshell we have all come to form a close bond. If your looking for a Major Endgame including Sky & Dynamis, with experienced players, and a laid back schedual then look no further!


LS Schedule: Normal Start button, Sky Gods-> Thursday 7 EST P.M. Dynamis, and regular sky farming subject to change, /lsmes before asking.

Interested in applying? Please visit our other site to put in your application, Forums, and more! http://kotr.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=189110&TabID=1598366 



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